Moving Business Online Solutions Webinar

Moving Business Online Solutions Webinar

We hosted the second webinar for this series and got quite some positive feedback. In general, our audience like the information we shared and they think the tailored secure online solutions for SMB are affordable and effective. Here are the replay on youtube and the transcript thanks to, a speech to text transcription provider with free otter plan to get you started.

More Secure Computing Webinar - Moving Business Online

About the Event:

Because of the current COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are recommended or forced to move their whole business operation online. With everyone rushing into this new paradigm, is your business ready? Do you have the solution in place? Do you have enough capacity? Do you have the skillset to support that? How about the security implication? If you are the business owner who has those concerns or just wants to explore how you can turn the challenging situation into your opportunities, please join our online small group style video conference for Moving Business Solutions, Tips, and Tricks. We will go through the options including free resources to get your business to sell stuff online, build your brand online, attract potential customers to your online presence and manage your whole essential business functions online. We hope you can make informed decisions for your business after this web event.


John Li  0:00

Hey, good morning, everyone. First of all, thanks for joining today's webinar, moving business online solutions, tips and tricks. So I definitely appreciate you to spend the time with me in the morning on Friday. And I will try to get this presentation. This whole seminar in one hour. I will leave 10 to 15 minutes at the end for the q&a. Also, at the end of this webinar, I will have some exciting giveaways and announcement for various guests speaker for next week's seminar. And before we jump into the presentation, I would like all for you to mute your microphone. So all of us can have a better wepner experience. But please feel free to unmute yourself if you ask. Leave if you need to ask any question you Because I will not look at the chat window all the time. And thanks a lot for your support.

So a late disclaimer for today's webinar.

Someone's calling.


we have a lot of stuff to cover today, right? But But this is not possible. We leave everything ever seen today.

Today I have

a phone call comes in again. Sorry for the disruption there. And this whole presentation is based on our experience and research and we serve good intention to give as much information as possible to help society in this community to go through the tough time, right? So basically what it says, use it as your risk. And let's go from it. So today we are going to focus on two things right two pressing issue for the business community. Right. So we see those two issues for you impose the first one how's the business can sell stuff online? The second is once a business wants to go to the online operation, what are those essential functions and what are the options Siri right, we cannot get you to be a non tech stack expert in one hour. But at least we will have the direction to go and the you know, the stuff works. This low stuff works seeing the industry right and we hope that will meet your expectation. And if you have any question or any, any specific to technology along the way, please let me know. And I will try to elaborate more during the presentation. Is that okay? schedule for today?

So, yeah.

Cool. Thank you, john. You said unmute yourself.

Let's keep going a little bit about me. So, I have been developing the business solution since 1980. So I have I have been set SSP for the security since 2001. I also net that is on US, Canada Post a post on AI service infrastructure. And the current may I'm doing a project for more secure code and Neighbourhood Watch class, which is an AI based community safety class. For and that is also a business solution for the physical security space. So we those experiences, I create business solutions champion from open source to the commercial software. I hope I have that rich background to give you the solution suggestions to the most effective, affordable and secure solution to your to your business. And the challenge today, we all know the pen dynamics, right. It has both a house concern. And also we as a business owner or the intrapreneurs. And we have the bee's knees, how can we carry on the business during this pandemic situation. And a lot of business has to jump into the unknown, right because that's pretty much the only way for them to Do a business online to carry on their business right. So the challenge there is not only various technical difficulties there but also the security side. You need to get your business open to the public and including your used to be the internal business operational as well.

There is someone just joining, I will let

him came in first to see ya.

Hello, Jesse.

Thanks for joining us.

So I will keep going. So the challenge with those challenges, right. add on top of that is security impact, right? Because now you need to have your business process online. open to the public since you want to be able to access it from anywhere, and also used to be nine to five type of operation for your business. Now it's a pretty much seven by 24. You have to leave your infrastructure on non always saw. And we saw those new security impact, right? We need to pay a lot more attention, how to operate your business, online security. And we all know no matter it's a small business small and medium sized business or enterprise. So the lack of resource like financial resource, and expertise in house is always a challenge here. So we have to navigate through this dynamic and I also deal with those challenges along the way.

But all he asked intrapreneurs right will always look at the bright side from those kinds of challenges as well. That includes the new business revenue model. Even during the pandemic or after the pandemic, we call it as a new norm at this moment, right. And we hope by pushing your business online that will create more efficient business and the most resuming to you and also with more flexibility to your employee. And we hope that will create a happy employee and much more loyal employee for us for business owner as well.

So this is one of the success example to do everything. On today's moment, we do see a tremendous business growth for this company. And the stocks they're using is kind of next they have their own proprietary software stacks there, you can say that integrate some technologies like a payment processor to be on rails for their application. And they also have those online on a new take and ecommerce marketing solutions like MailChimp, so it's kind of sales increase as well. So, we see those complex stack right, we have to pretty much on using that divide and conquer type of approach. We look at each individual function, what are those essential functions for you? And we will go through each one of them, right. The first thing how we can sell online, right? So we the traditional way we all know people can take even phone call, right. And some smart business owners like some of the restaurant owners right after the pandemic, they quickly create some of the social network group. And as he just puts your menu in there in the group, and also the gets people to buy in from the social network group, right? Of course, when they need to do the financial transaction to do the payment, they have to be on the site. But anyway, with those traditional or traditional options, they can do that. And they can keep the business going, right. There's nothing to stop that business. So it's all about your creativity, but those are not necessary is

the best way to do that. Because er

it's easy to make mistake and also not very efficient at all. And also, it won't be hard to create your own neck up. If people are moving to online. You need to create a brand name there as well. So people are starting, like not starting, people are already looking at all kinds of options to do that to their e commerce solution, right. So the first one I would say it's a ecommerce market and price right? Almost at eBay axes. Those are the typical market space you can sell pretty much a lot of goods here. And there are some specific lines for a restaurant industry right escapes a dish, Uber eat, those are fully in force. For the restaurant, and instacart are for the grocery, we SOS marketplace type of solution. You can use it to set up your online sales, but you're also getting to a heavily competitive market price, which means people go to those market prices, he can buy your stuff, or he can quickly turn to your competitors, right? So you're competing heavily with your competition's is pretty high there too. And also, those markets crazy charge you by the transaction fees as well. So for each transaction, you got to cut a big, big portion to the marketplace provider. For example, for the restaurant industry, right? You normally need to pay surgery percent To the transaction, each transaction to the market pays providers, which to a lot of businesses, so quite a heavy burden there. So, for the business, the better way to do their e commerce right? Nowadays, if you, you need to build your brand name, so you'll get your customer into your own e commerce store, and the Z will focus on trying to buy stuff from you. Right. So those are the solutions Wait, wait, we call it as a e commerce platform. So we use those typical platform provider Shopify, a Kuwait. Or you can add to the WooCommerce to your WordPress, WordPress based website, team builder to do the e commerce build up your e commerce site right. The SR is another And do the type of e commerce platform. And it's also open source, you can add the senior to the newer bread of the jam stack website. I will talk about that jam stack in the later slides. So we still kind of go for e commerce platform. It's also very focused on the ease of use, and you can build apps or e commerce sites quickly. And on top of that, you don't need to pay the transaction fee. You can connect all kind, except to Shopify. Shopify allows you to have transaction free, but you have to use a Shopify payment gateway for the Azure e commerce platform I mentioned here, you can you're free to choose any payment gateways such as stripe square or Whatever you want to use to hook into your e commerce site in order to get a payment down there, right. But with Shopify, if you don't use a Shopify gateway payment gateway you are you have to pay the transaction fees. So keep that in mind. And also the Shopify compared to echo echo eight is is kind of simpler and it's more Taner to the small to medium sized business and they have a free forever plan. If you're if you only need to sell like NES and turn product right on, you can use Ecwid for free forever. So which I think it would be a good start for people if you if you want to sell online.

Sorry, one second.

So, also the e commerce function comes with some of the large business suite tool, for example, in here I'm using odoo as an example. So what I'll do is is a suite of integrated business application that includes a lot of functions I will touch upon later. But here I'm not talking about those large, very large, like enterprise solutions such as ACP, as we probably all know, and or the Salesforce, those kind of stuff, right? Because today's audience is more thinner to the small to medium sized business owners, right. So we say SAP as we all know. It's very heavy, and it's very expensive. From my experience right now. told me you need to pay a lot of money to purchase a licence. But in order to implement customise the solution, those professional surveys are normally very, very high to any business, to be honest. So, the other type of now people are more into the social networks, like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, or any Google type of services such as YouTube, right? The Google Maps those kind of stuff is a newer brand of the e commerce platform. They try to give you the function to sell on top of those Facebook's so how's that works right? For example, people can we can create a user Instagram. They used to use Instagram as a marketing tool. Only some some of them right? Instagram is more for people to share. There's cool stuff. And now people can even buy stuff from Instagram. So we see those. When you see a nice picture, you click on that, and you are able to buy the stuff. She showed up in the pictures, right? So we saw those kind of like social, I call it as a social ecommerce platform, right? You have your solution is able to get into the social network, to the motor to sale there. So all of you, obviously, that will increase your exposure and that you will have a lot of chances to sell your stuff. So for example, this is like the Google suite of tools. This is called Google Shopping, also called Google Display Network, and you can market and sell yourself products there no matter people you seem that YouTube email or any kind of like, or Google Plus that kind of stuff. So which is very exciting. You can get a lot, a lot of exposure. Is there any problem? Any questions so far for the e commerce section? You can you guys can always unmute yourself if you want to ask a question or you can just type in the chat window I will look into a chat window from time to time. Or if not, we will keep going to the website function. So in the past, right when you ask someone to create a website, they will always asks you if you need a static website or dynamic website. Static website is one that is Yury written in plain HTML. And there's a code of the page is what displayed to the user. So it's what not changed during that way. It's cheaper to create. But once you create a site, you want to do the ongoing content update, you have to pay for that kind of update. Because

it's not normally that easy for the business owner to do that by himself, right? Or in that in that country, when we talk about the dynamic site. So it's using a code to get a content from other files, and as a database, so it's a generator display depending on the actions taken by the user. So normally, the business can create content through an intuitive interface by themself therefore, you would be very meta or no ongoing content update cost, but it will cost you a little bit more when you want to create a dynamic site. So those are the traditional two big category static or dynamic, right? So dynamic you normally use, like, nowadays, you go to a lot of the website. It's a very fancy website, you can say it's based on WordPress, which used to be a blog platform, but people use it to do a lot of website building nowadays. Or you can use some content management systems such as Drupal to build up your dynamic website, right those WordPress Drupal, you can always it's a it's an open source tool, open source platform, you can always use creates the site in your own infrastructure, or you can just use some third party service provider to host to your WordPress site or the Drupal site right. Anyway, those no matter what it's very expensive for business to have online presence for the, for those WordPress or Drupal websites, right. The author viewer that surveys on the market is called Wix. It's also very expensive you can use a very easy to use website editor drag and job to create your sites right. Also with some business suite tools such as you can create your dynamic website as well. It's all it also comes with a very easy to use, drag and drop interface. So combined, then purebred of websites technology, we call it as a jam stack, which stands for JavaScript API and the markup. And that combines a static website and the dynamic site the most advantage and to call to those disadvantage, because for the dynamic web site, one of the big concern for the normal business, especially SMB, when we don't have enough resource, right, is the need to consider consider is security aspect of that dynamic website. Because once you can change just a sink, once you can change the content, anyone on the internet, they have the opportunity, they probably can do that. Content change once they get to get into your dynamic websites through your administration portal. I will demonstrate a little bit more How people will normally explore those kinds of site later. So for the job, so the jam stack in a country, it has a benefit of the static website, lack of performers next security, you don't need to worry too much about security. It's easy to do. And you have that dynamic feature, you can create a content from another API provider, and does that come combined together if we to have those both benefit, right. And Gatsby is an open source based product solution there. And it's in the jam stack. So a key component is called static site generator. So Gatsby is one of that. And desserts, this is actually I got from jam stack website you can say is there a benefit why people are moving into the jam stack.

And this is a

stack I'm using for my own site. more secure comm you can say I'm using the ODU to build up this, this website and how to platform itself comes with a whole bunch of like, tested practice with it for the in terms of website building. So now I'm going to show you something about a security

Just give me one second and me

Go to the google dot com.

There you go. Can you guys see the screen here. I have Google calm here. So for example, if I go there I search because recently I have done quite some internet marketing research in order to get my business up and running. So for example here, right, so we have a lot of like a digital marketing firms if I'd go wrong internet marketing, Google Search right. For example, this guy here is doing digital marketing services, some of the ad Google Ads here as well. If I click into this worksite so you can see very fancy websites there. They have a lot of function. And those folks are pretty much into the digital marketing space. quite some stuff there. And we saw a lot of other like, inside, blah, blah, blah. So we saw those since I showed you just a one very simple trick here. So if you say, okay, lucky. So what you see here, right? It's a web. It's a WordPress based website. And you can try to log in from their back with their username, password. And if you don't manage this part of the website, very easily, people can try to brute force to get into your site, and they were able to like it once they are in if you don't monitor the security aspect of your dynamic website based on nyko WordPress. And also as we all know, WordPress has quite some, like have an RV Unity has in the past that just gives a hacker a lot of zip Here is another site for example, right? So those are like very common you go to those site, it's user of the mean, or

just login

see, again, a WordPress right. So we so since you mind, you have to say you have to do some security monitor. If you don't monitor people can keep trying, keep trying their username posture until they get in. So once it gets in, not only they can change their content, but even the worst part is you can put some malicious code into your account. And once your customer or your visitor to your site can get affected by those security, embed malicious code.

So that's

same here.

So I'm going back to my slide now.

There we go.

So let's move on to the essential functions here. So one loves a big function. Big essential business function is a marketing or we call it in a CRM space. So what's the most marketing What do is use will help you create sub pipelines right to get your prospect to turn into your customers? How we can do that right? There are some tools like online tools. They have the free, free portion. Like for example, the HubSpot, right. It has a free a in addition and also it has a paid version for that. The HubSpot, HubSpot is a pure online solution and Odoo in the country, it's also it It also has the Online Edition and also the on premise edition. Which means if you for example, some of the business see say okay, my customer in Information is crucial, I don't want to even have the possibility to share it with any other people. So they can deploy the technology inside their own infrastructure, right. So Odoo gives you that kind of flexibility.


for for those CRM solution, it will help you stay connected right with customers and to you, for example, from the slicer, you can say it will net your tracks and leads, and you can close those opportunities quicker. And also along the way, you can get accurate forecasts for your pipelines as well.


just to keep that in mind, when you if you want to do those marketing and CRM, you can do you can use or use a hotspot or you can use hold to For that purpose, and oh do net to be able to connect with other business function to provide as well because it's a whole integrated solution for your business. And as a next essential function or Korea has, I think that should be the sales because this sync of lots of sales process this whole sales Lifecycle Management, right, how you can send the polished because here from the screenshot, you can see it's a very clearly indicated it's a quotation to your customer. So those coordinates the quotation in your customer with some sort of like an E signature into it. So that will help you sell faster so client is able to easily view and assign your unknown caller quotation from anywhere. So, that would be a like help you to go eat like a back and forth communication with your client very specific way to use that code and help you close a deal faster right. And also it will maximise your like profit by offsetting, for example, how it works Yes, it will increase your sales foreign by automatically proposing like extra options and accessories and that you can apply different kind of closing trigger discount and more into your wholesale cycle overall, you can sell faster you can sell more with those kind of sales automation tool. And here like HubSpot again. It gives you the free edition and if you need to have a fancier functions you have to pay for that into their, their sales hat, that's what they call and oh do a same time, give you that kind of capability as well reset some like a module, for example, the E signature. That's a dedicated module for the older business suite.

So overall,

both solutions are inexpensive, very inexpensive to get started. And there's a next to function is an inventory. So we say even more than on on makeup, how you can manage your warehouse, how you manage the reception and the delivery of your product, right. So we saw those kind of better management for the warehouse in the old new space. It provides a while is called Smart double entry inventory system. And you have, you can create a rule to automatically replenish your stock as well. And you can trace, you can have that total trace of capability in your warehouse management. In that way you can maximise your warehouse efficiency, improve the performance and improve the process time. So here like I just don't use the old user because it's such nice work designed, all you want. So that machine and you can benefit from user just that one single module or to get started or and you can grow your business along the way. And the accounting function for sure is essential for you. And we all as those that could offer from the market So for example, wave accounting, fresh book right? Fresh book used to be only provide provides invoice that's why I get started to use them quite while ago and then they go into a more like a full blown accounting service and the both wave accounting and the fresh books and they are all from Toronto and they are very good group of people they provide, for example, the wave accounting, they provide this whole accounting software on totally for free for you. And you can usually do so bank synchronisation into your accounting system and that you can easily create your statement with one single push of a button. And of course, oh do has an accounting capability built in as well. So it has all those traditional features like bookkeeping, and very beautiful dynamic statement. And also the bank has synchronisation and also manage the bills and your expense. What's even more is for the odoo is with the integration of other odoo applications such as sales, inventory expenses, right, you get all of those transactions automatically recorded into the accounting system. So that will save you a lot of time. And also, that you neck tronic invoicing from odoo and also the automatic follow up. So that will help the business to get paid faster as well. And there's a documentation function for you and we all know we can use bye dot com. It's more tailored for the business. So box, although it's tailored for the person they use, I saw people, you know, we recently started using that user use Dropbox as well. Of course with a Google suite, Google Drive, you can store your product documentation is there as well. odoo comes with a documentation function as well. So we saw those kind of time saving, you can record like, for example, in the odoo, right? The we start integration there, you can have those contracts, you can have your approving document, and or you can have those fields recording those fields into your documentation system. Right. And a lot of the documentation inside odoo says it's an integrated suite of tools will be automatically generated. And will be tracked with a version of changes as well. So feel free to use all of them, or any one of them

and email, right? So I'm talking about enterprise email, which means with your own domain, because that will be more professional when you go out to your customer, right. So Google G Suite, it's a paid tool. They're not very expensive at all. For each person, you pay about 50 bucks a year for G Suite that will enable you to user email, the Google Drive, hope on your sensor and Zoho. It provides a free edition but with limited function, the Tencent the provider from like a WeChat social network. It has a full function and the free version for up to 200 to users, I think that's good enough for most of the SMP business. And the video call, I want to mention that for you, since there are some options there used to be commercial bus and stuff so Hamtramck for example, WebEx, they now offer you pretty much for free. That's a pretty much it's absolutely free for you to use up to 100 users in a video conference call. Zoom is inexpensive. It has a free version but we sometimes imitation like 45 minutes right for each each, each video conference and the Google Hangout, Skype Skype, meet me they just released the Microsoft team if you have exchange or use Azure, Microsoft, a suite of two. That's a good video conference call a tool for you to use as well. I just want to also specifically Mention this gets saved for you guys, because it's a open source space that you can deploy in your own infrastructure or you can just use that metre. It's safe to, you don't need to have registration, you don't need to download any software, you can just create a videoconference from that website. And it has an end to end communication in corruption. So it's a fair, fair and a much more secure solution if you want to do the video conference call. And it's totally free for you to use. So there's so many stacks in place, right? Lots of strategy. You may be saying, okay, I don't know what to choose right. Here is what I'm sinking. It all depends on your needs, right? If you just want to get online presence, right, like a website So, I would say with a jam stack that will get you into a better shape right with a jam stack. Or if you just want to quickly offer something to sell online, the adequate is for sure. Very easy and a very affordable solution for you. And even you can have your free version to get started quick to test at AutoZone water. So it's a good starting there. Or if you say I want to manage my inventory and my manage my intaking inbound marketing, and also the sales process. Those kinds of saying you can start with us are one or two modules. We all do. So that will help you get understanding get comfortable, and then grow European states along the way. So is more secure? We offer those saw nine solutions as well. Our goal is always effective, affordable, and the secure online solutions, right? Our solution is based on Gatsby, because we have a whole bunch of website builders coming up Godspeed. And we have Ecwid and ODU as a solutions offer from more secure s where we partner with in order to provide the solutions for our customer base. And there are some links there for you to take a look. And don't worry about those links. After the presentation you if you want to, if you're interested, you can send me an email and I will send us a copy of the slides too. And I want to very specifically mention two resources from for you because those are the free trainings like this So free training from moss. Moss is

kind of like a leading SEO technology provider, you know, offer this most Academy free training for you to March to May 31. Sorry, not to march. So, until May 31, you can go to MOS Academy, and you can learn quite some SEO skill sets there. And also this one artist Zuma. So this provide all the serve street of the anon ads management tool, or you can call it as ad Sales Automation or marketing automation tools. It's more likely in the marketing space, if you talk about an ad, right? So z offers that tool for you for free until June for July. First. So within this period of time, it it's it's absolutely the best opportunity for you to just test those technologies out and try to do some SEO, do some online advertising with those support of the tools. And yeah, help you move your business into another level. And of course for the beat because you attended today's webinar, I would like to offer this free managed to jam service for you for your own domain. How it works, you go there is a website's shell to register and you mentioned the wepner. Today, I will be able to create account for you and you can use that free gem service for free. This shall do that Ca was originally created for the alarm profit organisation only. But since we have to, as a business community deal with a pandemic situation I did not know I will open that to the business community, especially for today's

attendees as well.

So now with all that, is there any question

I will just check the chat window now. Yeah.

So Joel had a

Joel  45:46

a I have a question for you if you don't mind.

John Li  45:48

Yeah, go ahead.

Joel  45:50

Um, a lot of companies use WordPress, what kinds of websites and because they're open source, obviously, there are higher high security Risk is higher. How do you find wordfence? in helping stopping hackers access the the WordPress login you find that's a is that a reputable plat software?

or Do you know wordfence?

John Li  46:21

Actually, I don't know about the work of friends, I would definitely look into that and I will get back to after this webinar. Sure. Yeah, because I can hold on sorry for that I was not very much into To be honest, a WordPress for me is kind of like old stack. It's a PHP based technology platform anyway, so I personally I don't deal with that a lot. But I definitely look into the word fence and we can discuss all four Some, some good and bad there. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. Thank you. No problem. Thank you, Joe.

William  47:08

Can you hear me? Yes. Oh, this is a William. So I answer Joe's question. I'm using the band wordfence. So I bet so effective even the free version. It's quite effective to prevent the hackers. Okay, yeah.

John Li  47:30

So word, word. So if I can guess that wordfence is pretty much like a web application firewall, specifically tailored for WordPress. Is that correct? William?

Unknown Speaker  47:44

Yeah, yes. It's antivirus software. Five word. Press. Yeah.

John Li  47:50

Okay, great. Great. Yeah, it's good to know, thank you. William.

William  47:54

Yeah, no problem. And so in case the sins the WordPress list is quite popular and a lot of a hacker on it. So some of my website use open cart,


Unknown Speaker  48:11

My question is, I don't have any questions on that make it a secure from hackers. So anyone has any comments how to make opencart secure? i? That's my question. So I wouldn't like to know. Thank you.

John Li  48:28

Yeah. In terms of opencart, right, that kind of thing you can. From the security perspective, it's, it's better to apply some sort of web application firewall. And I know one of the product called incapsule, it actually offers some kind of free version to you as well. So what we offer it's called incapsule if I can I will get back to you after the webinar. Yeah. Okay, so So, so in this case, because we are talking about the specific web application. So, in general, you will just add a web application firewall or we call the WAF right, in order to deal with this kind of situation. Yeah.

William  49:21

Okay. Okay, good. Thank you very much.

John Li  49:23

No problem thank you William. And Ben has a question is JAM stack SEO optimization friendly compare to WordPress. Yeah, that's absolutely Ben jam stack it comes with a with like because it's open source and from my experience with Gatsby, it has all kinds of modules, right to enhance your SEO optimization. So it's absolutely very much tailored to the SEO space with those jam stack solutions. For example, you go to the Gatsby world, you will find a whole bunch of SEO topics there. And you will be able to get a lot of like tips and tricks from what people are talking about. And also the modules specifically help you with SEO. And for John Du Hey, thank you, John. Du. good example for security. How long and how much to set up online and to secure ecommerce website in another word how  more secure charge. Okay. Yeah.

Yeah. So

for Okay, there's one more joining Coco.

Hey, welcome, Coco.

You're at the very last moment of this webinar. Sorry for that. So But anyway, John Du in order to set up an e commerce website, for example, if we go to the ecwid, it's just a matter of the, you know, I think it depends on how many products you want to set up there. It could be just a matter of hours, right? within one hour, we could easily sign up and setup and you get your ecommerce site up and running quickly. But anyway, next week, we're going to do a deep diving for how we can set up an e commerce site. And I currently don't have the English version for xiaoju dot com .ca. And we have to Yeah, As I mentioned, originally it was targeted or the made for those are like not for profit organisations specifically in the Chinese community. So that's why the xiaoju dot ca is kind of like the website is more like it's purely Chinese there. So, any other question so far, if not, I will go to the thank you page. Now we're at 11 29. I would like to thank you, everyone for coming in today's webinar. So I hope I have described the nitty gritty of online business operations, and now you're equipped with the tools to carry forward your business online although it's in the high level. Yeah. But if you need more information or copy of the slide, you are more than welcome to reach me on my email, linkedin, or from the company website contact form right. Meanwhile, I got very exciting news for everyone on the call today. Next week at the same time, I will have a guest speaker who is a number one best selling author in six categories on Amazon. And that is Joel Mandelbaum. And the next week's topic is e commerce deep dive by examples, I will showcase how we can build an e commerce site in a very short period of time in different examples, and I have the guest speaker for all of us as well. That's pretty much like a one more thing right? So Joe has been in the online space he wrote a book called winning online increase your visibility and crush your competition, sounds exciting, right, and he is going to be on the call next week to help every one of us to learn a little better how to convert better. And you will receive a registration link for next week's webinar shortly. Please sign up. and forward to your friends so they can thank you for the benefit of this webinar series. And thank you all for attending,  enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.

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