Affordable Solutions for Your Business
Traditional Business Application Problems for Digital Transformation
Lack of sales/marketing automation
Proprietary solutions are expensive
Vendor lock-in is blocking business growth
Hard to adopt the cloud strategy
Not remote working friendly
Hacker has more opportunities
Data security not in the consideration
More Secure Digital Transformation Platform Advantages
Empower Modern Business
We provide full suite of Marketing, Sales, E-Commerce, Automation solution to increase your sales both Online and Offline.
You can improve customer experience with the modern Customer Relationship Management solution.
You have more resillient business and your employees are more happy.
Your business operation is more efficient than before.
Open Technology
We provide Open Source Business Applications, Infrastructure and Security to make sure your business will never be locked in to a vendor, even to ourself.
You have the choice to either use More Secure hosting or self hosting, we also help you get migration done seamlessly.
With the open data platform, you own your precious data 100%.
Your business applications can be hosted on premise, in the cloud or hybrid.
Build in Security
We promote the ultimate security approach for comprehensive open source technologies, from infrastructure, automation, security, sales, marketing and the other business applications.
We help you design the security to meet your business needs, so it’s hard for hackers and easier for compliance.
Your business will have a complete security operation plan either with your own people, or with our help, or a combined approach.
Our Value

Empower More Secure customers to win more business, to run business more efficiently and securely with affordable open solutions.

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