Business Solutions to Go Through Pandemic

Business Solutions to Go Through Pandemic

Under the current circumstance, running business operations online and work from remote is the only way for any business to survive. We are planning to have a series of webinars to share our experience and solutions to help businesses manage this technology sharp turn, especially for SMB which is under the most stress and budget limitation.

We will start from remote connectivities of network infrastructure and tools, then the solution for business operation management such as inventory, sales, purchase, marketing, customer relationship, eCommerce, etc.

Our goal is to help the business to achieve:

More efficient business operation
More resilient of business continuity
New business revenue model
Happy employees/retention

Here is the information for the first session:

Working remotely webinar from More Secure Computing
With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, businesses are recommended or forced to let their employees work remotely.  With everyone rushing into this new paradigm, is your business ready? Do you have the solution in place? Do you have enough capacity? Do you have the skillset to support that? How about the security implication? If you are the business owner who has those concerns or just wants to explore how you can turn the challenging situation into your opportunities, please join our online small group style video conference for Work Remotely Solutions, Tips, and Tricks.
We will go through the options of working remotely and give quite some free resources you want to know so you can make informed decisions for your business after this web event.

The webinars for eCommerce and business operation online are coming soon so please stay tuned.

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